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2021 - 04 - 25
In order to further enhance the working ability of staffs, extend working ideas, improve working methods and efficiency, to strengthen the construction of corporate culture and enhance the internal communication and cohesion of KW, in April 2021, the chairman personally led all the staff to the Jinhai Lake Yacht Resort in Beijing to carry out special team building activities.The team building activities took various forms, including mountaineering competitions, taking a boat-trip around the lake, horseback riding, archery and playing golf. In the course of mountai...
2021 - 01 - 19
Warmly celebrate the  success of the 4th Shareholders' Meeting of Kewei Steel and the 2020 year-end summary meeting!Looking back to the eleven years of effort and looking forward to the new future of Kewei! Due to the continuation of the new Covid epidemic and follow government policies, on January 16, 2021, Kewei Steel's year-end summary meeting was held for the first time in Beijing Headquarters Office.The general meeting of shareholders ended in the morning, after having lunch, the  summary meeting of the year started at 1:30PM. The conference was hosted by Ms. Tan LuoYan,...
2020 - 11 - 18
Afternoon Conference topic: How to keep good habit during work.Speaker: Peter(Vice President)Listeners: Beijing Office StaffsThis conference focus on how to keep good habit and avoid bad habit during work. The Speaker list some of bad examples to warn the staff to stay away from those habits. He also list some of good example to encourge the colleague to keep those habit. The weekly share conference is good for the staffs improve their working skills from different perspective. This is the most important reason why Beijing Kewei Jianye Steel Co.,Ltd can stay strong in serious competition envir...
2020 - 09 - 10
To develop the team cohesion and take a break from busy work, Beijing Kewei Jianye Steel Co.,Ltd management team organized the activity- Hiking In Tian Xuan Forest Park during 29th August and 30th August 2020.The team members hike more than 12Kilometers to arrive the final destination. During the difficult task, team members help and inspire each other to achieve the goals together.At the evening, we enjoyed the picnic which is gained during the hiking. From this competitive and enjoyable hiking activity, the company staffs are not only release the pressure from work, but also realized ho...
2020 - 06 - 16
Beijing Kewei Jianye Steel Co.,Ltd Organized week trip to Qinghai Province to Encourage the Staffs who have significant Contribution in 2019. On the Early June, the excellent annual Staffs and Company leaders went to the most famous spot Caka Salt Lake. The participants enjoyed a lot With in the fresh air, sunny weather blue sky and all beautiful  scenes.  After the enjoyable vacations, they will have more energy to make more contribution to the company in their future work.
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