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2019 - 09 - 09
After work on Friday, September 6th, all the staff of our company went to the KTV in saxes to participate in the small group construction of this month. In the evening, we ate and sang together, just like we went out to play with our families. It was very kind, very harmonious and very comfortable. It also made us understand that mutual communication was necessary and happy.Through this team development training, we really learned a lot. In fact, we are a family! I hope there will be more opportunities for us to communicate, learn and become better together!
2019 - 08 - 19
On August 16, all the members of our company started the grassland self-driving tour.Located in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, just over 300 kilometers from Beijing,It is a part of mulan paddock in the qing dynasty. It is famous in the world because kangxi emperor commanded the qing army to fight against ggerdan. Moreover, it is famous for its charming European grassland scenery and has become a famous film and television location base at home and abroad. Here is a hilly and plains staggered areas, forests and grassland organic combination. It has both southern elegance and beautyBeauti...
2019 - 08 - 13
BANGLADESH construction engineering exhibition BANGLADESH BUILDCON, an international building materials extravaganza, has been held at the international convention center in dhaka, capital of BANGLADESH. The exhibition aims to explore the huge building materials market in Bangladesh, providing a platform for manufacturers, traders, venture capital investors, patent transfer and all relevant parties seeking agency, distribution, cooperation, etc.Demand for steel and other building materials will remain high for years to come. Therefore, it can be predicted that the construction industry will gr...
2019 - 08 - 12
For team cohesion, the company organized the league building activities.The chamber of secrets.escape.Everyone was happy.Deeply aware of the power of unity.Teams need to communicateDon't abandon, don't give up.Be the best employee!
2018 - 05 - 22
Every year on May 20 and May 21, there will always be many young couples around them to show their little happiness and sweet.Because on a day when the date is 520 I love you, it's really romantic to do something sweet.In this kind of crazy show of love and affection in the circle of friends, our company's two young couples can be regarded as a complete victory.They sent out the news of their marriage, and they went to get their marriage certificate on this sweet day.To see their happiness and their love, there is little to envy but to bless.Like a dream, opened a smile.Like a song, al...
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