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2019 - 02 - 25
Slight-to-moderate price reductions were recorded, in February, for most flat product categories, in all the countries surveyed for the European Steel Review Supplement. This trend is very much in line with the major Western European economies.Demand varied, by country and product, in January and February, but was, overall, below average, for the time of year. This was exacerbated by uncertainty amongst buyers, arising from the Brexit negotiations and the European Commission’s deliberations concerning safeguard measures.The slowdown in European car production, precipitated, in particular, by t...
2019 - 02 - 21
European strip mill product prices declined for the fifth consecutive month, in February. Buyers remain extremely cautious. Market sentiment is gloomy, due to numerous economic and political uncertainties. Moreover, customers perceive a lack of clarity regarding steel imports, particularly with reference to the EC definitive safeguard measures and their potential impact on the market. Regional mills have spare capacity, due to a substantial reduction in orders from vehicle manufacturers. Inventories, especially at the service centres, remain adequate, for current requirements, allowing custome...
2019 - 01 - 28
We have produced confidential client studies covering the main sectors of the steel industry in the major producing areas. These include:- Stainless Steels Tool Steels Utilitarian Steels Speciality Steels Nickel Alloys Micro-Alloyed Steels Alloy Steels General Steels Duplex Steels MEPS are able to offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services. The unique combination of steel demand forecasting, market analysis and the impact of technological change, is used extensively by our clients in the steel manufacturing and consuming sectors worldwide. We have prepared client studies on the follow...
2019 - 01 - 23
The global steel market appears to be returning to near normal levels of pricing. 2018 was a turbulent year for steel selling figures in all parts of the world but prices, in 2019, are expected to remain below the peak values recorded last year. Rapid steel price rises took place in North America during the first half of 2018. These were followed by substantial price reductions in the second half of the year. Similar, but less dramatic decreases in steel selling values took place in the European Union during the July/December period.In mid-year 2018, MEPS predicted prices reductions for f...
2019 - 01 - 04
The situation in the Brazilian steel market is virtually unchanged, from that reported in November. Business confidence is low. Domestic demand is weak, with few transactions being concluded. Traders are carrying stock that is surplus to current requirements - much of which was purchased at prices higher than those pertaining today. Meanwhile, local producers expect that the tough business conditions will spill over into, at least, the first quarter of 2019.The business environment, in the Russian Federation, is slow. Distributors are allowing inventories to run down, in order to free working ...
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