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2020 - 04 - 03
In 2020, with the fast growth of Coronavirus all over the world, lots of countries shut down their border. Lots of importers cancel or delay the order that the placed before, and the new order deducted dramatically which put the export companies and factories into a difficult position.  To avoid more risks during our works, Beijing Kewei Jianye Steel Co., Ltd leaders decided to hold special meetings to let the staffs share their working experience or the mistake that they made before. The company staffs got lots of knowledge from the special meetings. They have more confidence to get thro...
2020 - 04 - 03
Due to the Chinese government and every single people made good effort, the Coronavirus has been well controlled in MainLand China. On 10th of March 2020, Beijing Kewei Jianye Steel Co.,Ltd( The Company) half of staff resume to work. The company all staffs members follow what government requested including washing hand frequently, avoid go to the public and so on. After two weeks, all staff members start working to make sure everything will proceed smoothly.
2020 - 03 - 18
Beijing Kewei Jianye Steel Co.,Ltd(The company) all members joins the big party to celebrating the upcoming Chinese New Year and company ten years anniversary on 19th of January 2020. We invited our family member to join us to enjoy this party. Chairman Mr Li Zhenwei described the process of The company growth which from a ...
2020 - 03 - 17
On 18th January 2020, Beijing Kewei Jianye Steel Co., Ltd( The company) human resource manager Mrs Sophia held 2019 Conference and 3rd time shareholders’ meeting. Shareholder’s meeting started at 1:30 pm. First of all, The company’s Chairman Mr Li ZhenWei conclude the achievements that We did. Secondly, Mr Li indicated how much shares...
2019 - 12 - 09
Beijing Kw Steel Group organized teppanyaki team building activity on 6th December to develop and enhance a working effective team. The team members shared their problems during work in the activities. The members express their opinion about how to solve these problems.  Leaders also share how to communicate with their colleagues in the past, so that employees can unite as one. In the future work, we will grow up and achieve common goals together.
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