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2019 - 04 - 26
Regional mills’ input costs are rising but they are struggling to fill their production capacity. Competitively priced import offers are scarce, while local purchasing activity is, mostly, quite weak. Consequently, the majority of selling values reported are slightly down. The remainder are unchanged, with the expectation of imminent reductions.Demand for hot rolled coil, in Denmark, is subdued. End-users, in Sweden, are reluctant to pay more and distributors attempted to minimise price rises in their quarterly agreements with producers. Sales volumes remain satisfactory, in Norway, but buyers...
2019 - 04 - 23
In order to release the work pressure and maintain the energy of the team, our company held a trampoline group build activity on April 20. We took the bus from the company to leave at 9:00 am. We were divided into two groups and started the morning group game. The two teams built a fortress by building blocks, took the team name and shouted slogans.. Finally, we finished the morning activity by building the company's name 'Ke Wei Jian Ye' by building blocks. After lunch and a short break, we began the afternoon's 'battle '! We Were divided into four groups, with the tea...
2019 - 04 - 19
MANILA, Philippines — For its 24th year, the World Building and Construction Expo, or WORLDBEX, is setting benchmarks higher with another groundbreaking trade presentation.Armed with the grit to usher in “A World Built Bolder,” this year’s show pays tribute to industry leaders who have boldly dedicated their craft in improving communities throughout the country.Dynamic displays and intensified global reachSimultaneously held at the World Trade Center and the SMX Convention Center, this year’s show boasts of a 33,000 sqm exhibition space housing the widest array of construction and design produ...
2019 - 04 - 16
Many of our clients need their price data at the earliest possible date. To satisfy their needs we provide a fast price service by E-Mail (MS Excel). The domestic price tables are transmitted approximately one week before the publication date of each newsletter. This service is only available to subscribers of relevant publication.
2019 - 04 - 08
Rising raw material costs have combined with traditional, seasonal factors to provide expectations for a strong recovery in stainless steel prices during the second trimester of 2019. LME nickel costs followed an upward trend from the beginning of January until early March.Market participants, correctly, predicted a rise in the European ferrochrome contract, in the second quarter. Consequently, suppliers were encouraged to push for an uplift in nominal basis prices. In February, most ex-mill transaction values, for 300-series coils, rose by more than the hike in alloy extras. This introduced t...
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