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【Company news]Strive for the cause of steel forward

Date: 2019-10-08
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'My country and I cannot be separated for a moment. Wherever I go, a song of praise flows out... 'When this familiar melody slowly sounded, every Chinese heart is surging with pride.

On October 1, people all over the country are celebrating the 70th birthday of the motherland, praising the brilliant achievements of the great motherland and expressing good wishes for the great motherland. Kewei employees who did not return home during the National Day holiday are still working hard at their posts, watching the live broadcast and expressing their love for the great motherland with the most passionate and high-spirited songs.

Strive for the cause of steel forward

Meanwhile, manager sun xiaoguang, the leader of our company, led the foreign trade colleagues to participate in Espacio Riesco exhibition in Santiago, Chile.

Strive for the cause of steel forward

Strive for the cause of steel forward

All the staff of Beijing kewei jianye iron and steel co., LTD wish the motherland prosperity and prosperity, and also contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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