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[industry dynamics] in key industries of handan, the production capacity of steel during the heating

Date: 2017-03-02
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According to handan municipal environmental protection bureau, on March 15, solstice, handan city to a number of key industries to implement heating season peak production.

Iron and steel industry according to the pollution emission performance level, the implementation of the iron and steel enterprise classification management, peak limit production plan making, steel heating season limit production capacity by 50%, in the blast furnace and sintering machine production capacity meter, USES the enterprise actual electricity consumption to verify.Coking enterprises in desulfurization governance task under the condition of coal and coke increased to 36 hours, unfinished task of desulfurization governance, and on the premise of ensuring safety in production, coal, coke time increased to 72 hours.

Cement (including pulverized grinding stations), casting and other industries, except for residential heating, coordinated disposal of urban garbage and hazardous waste and other tasks to protect people's livelihood, all of them have implemented miaofeng production.When undertaking the task of safeguarding people's livelihood, the maximum allowable production load shall be verified and approved according to the task.

The power industry should complete the transformation of ultra-low emission of pollutants and the production of coal-fired power units that can reach the ultra-low emission limit set by the state or province in a stable way.Coal-fired power units that cannot reach the ultra-low emission level will stop production on the premise of ensuring the safe operation of the power grid.

If the carbon enterprises in the chemical industry fail to reach the special emission limit value, they will stop production altogether. If the special emission limit value is reached, the production limit shall be more than 50%.Pharmaceutical enterprises involved in the production of API

Emissions of volatile organic compounds using organic solvents in the process, production process emissions of volatile organic compounds of pesticide enterprises working procedure, in principle, the implementation of production in heating season, because the demand exists special cases such as the people's livelihood is really necessary, the production according to the application submitted to the municipal government for approval.

In order to ensure the work into practice, DuZhaShi CPC municipal committee and municipal government and the city atmosphere will strengthen the on-site supervision accountability, build system of on-site supervision, conduct supervision and spot check on a regular basis, the problems discovered in the process of spot check strict processing, in the city.The supervisory department shall seriously hold responsible units and responsible persons who fail to implement the relevant measures as required and cause serious consequences.

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