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[industry dynamics] strongest steel in the two sessions

Date: 2017-03-06
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Iron and steel key words in premier li keqiang's government work report

Add: about 6.5% GDP growth target this year, plans to complete the railway investment 800 billion yuan, highway investment 1.8 trillion yuan, built more than 2000 km of urban underground pipe is open, will pull the rail, and pipeline steel steel demand.

Minus: we will cut down on steel production capacity by another 50 million tons this year and withdraw from coal production capacity by more than 150 million tons.Should strictly carry out environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety and other relevant laws and regulations and standards, by means of marketization under the rule of law, more effective treatment of "zombie" companies, promote enterprise merger and reorganization, bankruptcy, liquidation, resolutely eliminate substandard backward production capacity, strict controls of excess industry on the new capacity.

65 million tons: over 65 million tons of steel and coal production capacity were withdrawn in 2016, and over 290 million tons of coal production capacity were produced. The annual target was exceeded, and workers were better resettled.

Transfer: deepen international cooperation on production capacity, and promote China's equipment, technology, standards and services to complement each other.

Haze: we should effectively deal with heavy pollution.Research on the formation mechanism of haze should be strengthened to improve the scientific and accurate response.We will expand the scope of joint prevention and control in key regions and intensify emergency measures.Strict environmental enforcement and inspection accountability.Those who steal, discharge or fabricate goods must be severely punished.Where the law enforcement is not effective and the law is indulgent, serious investigation must be carried out.If air quality deteriorates or is not adequately dealt with, strict accountability must be exercised.It is everyone's responsibility to deal with the smog.

"Two sessions" steel said

Miit minister miao wei

In the first half of this year, we carried out three special operations on a regular basis, namely, phasing out backward production capacity, cleaning up construction projects that violate laws and regulations and carrying out joint law enforcement.

Ning jizhe, deputy director of the national development and reform commission

Capacity reduction will remain a key task in 2017 and the top priority for supply-side structural reform.Remove this year about 50 million tons of steel production capacity, numerically is indeed a little lower than 65 million tons, but this quantity is very big, the annual output of more than 50 million tons of countries around the world now there are few.

Zhang qingwei, NPC deputy and governor of hebei province

This year's work in hebei province to reduce production capacity, on the basis of steel, coal, glass, cement and coking, has increased the target of eliminating fire and electricity.In addition, in February this year have been held in the province, years in hebei will reduce steel production capacity of 31.86 million tons, and the government work report this year the national reduce 50 million tons of steel production capacity target, as compared hebei accounted for more than six into.

Chen daifu, deputy to the National People's Congress and secretary of the party committee and chairman of shuijiang iron and steel co., LTD

It is suggested to reduce production capacity, regulate total amount and optimize regional structure through administration.Improve the environment and reduce production costs by reducing production capacity according to law;Through the market to reduce capacity, adjust the variety structure, meet market demand and other three ways to reduce capacity.

To the party central committee

Proposal, research led by state-owned assets supervision and administration at all levels, to coordinate the court, industry and commerce, taxation, club departments, establishing state-owned enterprises are inefficient assets and invalid zombie strands clean up the disposal system of joint conference for work.

The national federation of industry and commerce

The proposal on scientific coordination of the current steel industry's de-production capacity suggests that the principle of survival of the fittest and uniform standards should be adhered to.

Proposed by the relevant departments under the state council in conjunction with relevant provinces accelerate the disposal of the "zombie" companies, as soon as possible for the coordination between the supply and demand of iron and steel industry to create a moderate, reasonable price, profit margins, the market environment of fair competition.

Long-term losses, subsidies and loans to survive "zombie enterprises" should be considered for the benefit of the whole industry, to accelerate its exit.Suggestions on policy design, should be comprehensively considered the enterprise personnel placement, decreased local economic growth, industrial structure adjustment, make overall comprehensive institutional arrangement, policy mix effect into full play.In terms of the allocation of supplementary funds, all enterprises, regardless of their nature and size, should be linked to the number of production capacity reduction and equitable compensation.

Li xiaobo, NPC deputy and chairman of taiyuan iron and steel (group) co., LTD

We have just begun to tackle overcapacity. We must continue to do so.

Cao huiquan, NPC deputy and chairman of valin group

The effect of reducing overcapacity last year was clear.Cao Huiquan said, one is the change of the market and industry of the future expectations, the second is the follow-up tracking implementation and supervision are in place, the key is to seize the breakthrough point and focus, especially in the fourth quarter, the relevant government departments to focus on fighting "DeTiaoGang"."Ground bar steel" is the black sheep that destroys the whole industry order and affects the fair competition environment of the whole industry.Therefore, we should stick to it.

Representative of the National People's Congress, chairman and secretary of CPC committee Chen jizhuang

Last year, China's efforts to reduce production capacity achieved significant results, the most obvious manifestation of which was that the steel industry realized a profit of 30 billion yuan and the entire industry turned a profit.Chen jizhuang believes that the reduction of production capacity should continue to be strengthened and that supervision and inspection should not be relaxed because of the rise in prices.As long as we persist, the steel industry will turn over a new leaf and promote the development of other industries.

Dong caiping, NPC deputy and chairman and party secretary of zhongtian iron and steel group

I don't think there's any problem in meeting the 50 million tons target.

Deputy to the National People's Congress, chief expert and senior engineer of anyang iron and steel group

On top of having eliminated more than 65 million tons of excess capacity last year, there is some pressure to withdraw another 50 million tons this year.However, I think with the effective measures of the government and the joint efforts of all of us, the goal of removing 50 million tons can be achieved.

Deputy to the National People's Congress, member of the standing committee of jiangxi provincial party committee, deputy secretary of the party group of the provincial people's government, and executive vice governor MAO weiming

In 2016, jiangxi iron and steel industry withdrew from crude steel production capacity of 4.33 million tons, realizing a five-year task and a year's completion.The coal industry closed 232 coal mines and withdrew from production capacity of 15.47 million tons, respectively completing 113.2 percent and 120.9 percent of the annual target tasks, exceeding the annual target ahead of schedule.

Representative member of hebei iron and steel industry

The reduction of production capacity should not be regarded as a burden by steel enterprises, but an important opportunity for the transformation of the steel industry.Representatives from some of the steel industry think, hebei initiative to capacity, the capacity to make more development space for advantage, accelerate the hebei iron and steel industry to promote product upgrades and the process of structural adjustment.

Wang chang, NPC deputy and director of hebei sasac

"To remove capacity is like rowing against the current.According to wang, demanufacturing capacity is a major part of enterprise transformation and upgrading, changing from "ask me to go" to "I will go". Enterprises are becoming more clear and more proactive.

"State-owned enterprises should take the lead in completing the task of reducing production capacity."Lueck, said to capacity in 2017 entered a critical stage, the provincial state-owned enterprises transform to kinetic energy engineering, complete 2017 reduce steel production capacity of 3.36 million tons, 1.04 million tons of iron production tasks.

Gao hongzhi, NPC deputy and secretary of handan municipal party committee

We will do a good job in reducing production capacity this year, and handan city is based on the word "early".Gao hongzhi said handan city planned, arranged and acted early this year, on the basis of fulfilling the tasks assigned by the province in advance last year.Start self-pressurizing in the first quarter and make sure you're done by the end of September.

Wang fuqiang, a member of the CPPCC national committee and a member of the hebei provincial government, said

Advice to base touch clear, set the policy precision, strict enforcement of environmental protection, quality, technology, security, and so on 6 class standard, create a fair and just environment for to capacity, accelerate the pace of production capacity.

Shi kerong, NPC deputy and chairman of sanhe huifu grain and oil group co., LTD

"De-productivity, focus on accuracy.We should take into account the characteristics of industry, industry and enterprise, and implement policies for different industries, precise development and one-enterprise development.Shi Kerong said, mergers and reorganization are the powerful tools for the optimization of productivity, mergers and acquisitions to make big enterprises, advantage to levels more bad of the enterprise, enhance the industrial concentration, resolutely go, active, speed up the transfer.

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