【Company news】Beijing Kewei Jianye Steel Co.,Ltd successfully Hold the 2020First Time Team Building

—— 2020-05-19 10:37:14

Due to the Corona Virus has been well controlled in Mainland China, thus to establish a better working environment, The Company organize a spring outing to the Tongzhou Grand Canal Forest Park. 

The Organizer Tony, from the Exporting Department, came up with couple of activities such as group hiking.The focus of those activities are enhance the group-working skills. As part of team,Everyone of them tried their best to finish the tasks. At the end of activity, The Company staffs enjoyed the picnic at the Park with beautiful view, they are celebrating the enjoyable weekend with their teammates. 

One Chopstick is easy to be broken. But if there is dozen of Chopsticks together, they are hardly to be broken. Everyone of them believed that as one of the team member, they must stick together to prevent the dangers and challenges from outside.

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