【Company news]Beijing Kewei Jianye Steel Co.,Ltd Held 2019 conclusion conference Successfully

—— 2020-03-17 10:55:54

On 18th January 2020, Beijing Kewei Jianye Steel Co., Ltd( The company) human resource manager Mrs Sophia held 2019 Conference and 3rd time shareholders’ meeting.

Shareholder’s meeting started at 1:30 pm. First of all, The company’s Chairman Mr Li ZhenWei conclude the achievements that We did. Secondly, Mr Li indicated how much shares can the shareholders get based on the net profit. In addition, the company leaders give the new shareholders certificate to welcome them join the big family. Finally, The company’s general Manager Mr Steven declare the new goals for 2020 including the net profit and total exporting quantities. Shareholder’s meeting started at 1:30 pm. First of all, The company’s Chairman Mr Li ZhenWei conclude the achievements that We did. Secondly, Mr Li indicated how much shares can the shareholders get based on the net profit. In addition, the company leaders give the new shareholders certificate to welcome them join the big family. Finally, The company’s general Manager Mr Steven declare the new goals for 2020 including the net profit and total exporting quantities. 

From the conclusion conference and shareholder’s meeting, The family members have clear goals to achieve. We will be more ambitious to achieve our goals in 2020

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