【Company news]Mexico exhibition

—— 2019-11-18 11:06:18

ExpoCIHAC — the largest exhibition of building materials in Latin America

The Mexico international building and housing exhibition is the largest building materials exhibition in Latin America. It has been held for 25 consecutive years. Exhibition organizers buildings and residential promotion center is a non-profit organization, by the local industry association in the field of building, bank, construction companies, real estate developers, real estate broker, building materials manufacturers, and construction equipment suppliers, etc, the enterprise operation, and maintain good communication and cooperation with the local government, is the most representative of Mexico and residential buildings and industry organizations.

Mexico is one of the countries with the most free trade agreements in the world. It is also the first developing country to sign free trade agreements with the two largest trade blocs in the world, the north American free trade area and the European Union. At present, Mexico has trade relations with 243 countries and regions in the world. Mexico’s main trading partners are the United States, Canada, China, Germany and Japan. Since 2000, the Mexican contracting market has grown steadily, and Mexican construction has become an important sector to promote the economic growth of Mexico. In 2004, the total value of Mexico’s construction industry was us $63.5 billion, of which investment in infrastructure and housing construction totaled us $33.3 billion. In the past few years, the construction industry in Mexico grew at a rate of about 5%. By 2008, the investment in construction industry exceeded $100 billion.

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