Kewei Steel participated in the Thailand exhibition

—— 2023-05-06 10:21:45

On April 25, 2023, Kewei Steel (Thailand Office) went to Bangkok to participate in the 6-day International Building Materials Exhibition.

The exhibition kicked off at Impact Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand! Kewei Steel was invited to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition consolidated existing partnerships, identified a large number of potential customers and laid the foundation for opening up new markets.

Architect Expo in Bangkok, Thailand is the largest building materials and interior decoration exhibition in the ASEAN region, and it is also the most professional, the best trade opportunity, the most authoritative and the most important exhibition in Thailand. The exhibition is held once a year, and has been successfully held for 31 sessions so far.

Most of Thailand’s construction products rely on imports, China as the largest partner trading country of Thai imports, because of the high quality and low price of products welcomed by the Thai market, Thailand’s huge demand for building materials import will bring unlimited business opportunities to suppliers in the field of building materials in China.

After 6 days of exhibition, the booth attracted countless exhibitors to stop, and Kewei employees have been communicating with exhibitors with full enthusiasm and serious attitude. At the venue, the exhibitors showed their deep intention to cooperate after a certain understanding.

Kewei Steel will provide professional and efficient solutions for the building materials industry with a more mature and professional attitude, and contribute to the prosperity and development of the steel industry

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