KW Steel provides Spring Festival benefits to employees

—— 2024-02-02 10:47:59

It’s the New Year again, and it’s the most cold and warm time.

The Spring Festival of 2024 is approaching, in order to thank the employees for their efforts and dedication in the past year, let them feel the joyful atmosphere of the festival, and continue to enhance cohesion, on the afternoon of February 1, KW Steel issued Spring Festival benefits to all employees and sent New Year blessings in advance.

A New Year’s goods, a warmth, the employees who received the benefits smiled on their faces and warmed their hearts. Over the years, KW Steel has always attached great importance to the humanistic care of employees, and will issue intimate benefits to employees during traditional festivals such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, care for employees, continuously enhance the cohesion of employees to the company, and also strengthen their sense of belonging and responsibility.

New year, new atmosphere, on the occasion of this festive season, KW Steel wishes everyone: Happy New Year!

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