KW STEEL 2021 Annual meeting was successfully concluded

—— 2022-01-18 13:50:30

Happy song to bid farewell to the old year, happy beginning to welcome the new year.On January 15,2022, KW STEEL Annual meeting-2021 Summary and 2022 Outlook was held in the hall of the company.Leaders of the company, all the staff of the Beijing headquarters and partners from each branch office through video conference gathered together.

On the morning of the 15th, the general meeting of shareholders officially began, and the chairman delivered a speech.After lunch, the annual meeting officially began at 1:30 PM.First of all, Mr.Li Zhenwei, chairman of the company, delivered a speech, and Mr.Zhu Kexue, general manager of the company, delivered the annual report of 2021. Next, representatives of new employees and representatives of various departments made each speech.The general manager awarded the best summary award, and the chairman awarded the outstanding employee award.Finally, the general manager and the chairman delivered the closing speech of the conference, and the meeting was successfully concluded!

After the meeting was closed, all the staff of the company attended the dinner, which celebrated the new year, and the dinner was full of laughter and blessings to each other. Wish KW STEEL a better tomorrow!

Looking back on 2021, we worked hard together, and harvest together. Looking forward to 2022, we have the same goals, full of confidence. Looking forward to a more brilliant future!


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