The company organizes the Olympic Forest Park team building hiking activities

—— 2022-07-20 14:40:45

On April 2, 2022,  Foreign Trade Department of Kewei organized a walking activity for further enhance the communication and friendship between colleagues, relieve work pressure, relax body and mind, enhance physical fitness, increase team sense of belonging in Orson Park.

All members gathered at the south gate of Orson Park. After entering the park, follow the track and use the KEEP APP to record the itinerary. Competition standard: points system, 10km, 15km WeChat group sign-in, ranking by time. After the game in the morning, start a picnic.

In this activity, we felt the coming of spring, and at the same time exercised our body and our willpower, relaxed our mind and body and prepared for the next work, let us look forward to the next team building activity!

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