All employees of Kewei Steel traveled to Bali

—— 2023-07-24 10:17:25

In order to improve the sense of belonging and happiness of all staff of Kewei Steel, to enrich the spare time life of the staff, but also for everyone in the tension of the work of the body and mind to be able to fully relax, and to promote the leadership and colleagues, new and old staff exchanges and communication, and further implementation of the company’s corporate vision, Kewei Steel staff gathered in the hot summer, to Indonesia – Bali, to carry out a one-week group building and development activities.

We divided into three groups and set off from Beijing Daxing Airport. Along the way, we laughed and were enthusiastic, gradually forming a “family” atmosphere. This not only enhanced the sense of collective identity and corporate culture consciousness of the staff, but also achieved the corporate goal of caring for the staff and making them happy, assured and comfortable.

Under the leadership of the group leaders, everyone visited the production process of Kopi luwak, experienced the Bali Paddy field swing, ATV cars, Ayung River rafting, Lovina dophin, which enhanced their sense of experience. On the one hand, everyone felt the exotic customs, and on the other hand, they cultivated their sentiment, increased their knowledge, and relaxed their body and mind.

In addition, through such a foreign tour group building activities, let everyone in the busy and tense work, close to nature, relaxation, feel the exotic scenery brought by the visual spa, for the company’s humanistic construction and sustainable development has laid a solid foundation. Foundation.


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