Celebrate both festivals and share happiness

—— 2023-09-27 16:23:25

The Mid-Autumn Festival meets the National Day, which is a fusion of two special emotions. The Mid-Autumn Festival symbolizes reunion is welcomed on the days of national celebration, doubling the happiness of the festival.
In order to thank every KW person for their hard work, on the afternoon of September 25, the company distributed carefully prepared Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to all employees. Boxes of exquisite moon-cakes and boxes of delicious food, representing the company’s strong love and full blessings to everyone.
At the site of gifts distribution,the heavy welfare is held in the hand, everyone’s face is full of joy, warmer in the heart.
The heart-warming gifts condenses the warm warmth of KW, reflecting the company’s affirmation and care for the work of employees. Everyone expressed their gratitude to the company and were willing to turn the company’s blessings into motivation, continue to carry forward the spirit of love and dedication, do a good job in quality service, and serve every customer well with practical actions

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