The home party of the Protagonist

—— 2022-08-01 10:08:52

On July 22, 2022, all employees of Kewei Iron and Steel held a team building activity with the theme of “Welcome to New Members” in the “Protagonist” party hall.  While enjoying the fun of the activity, enhance team cohesion and encourage the team to progress and grow together!

Spacious and bright venue, KTV, VR theater, game area, billiards, chess, mahjong, and many other entertainment equipment.

After new staff introduction, we eat hot pot, drink beer, after dinner, a variety of games, Wolf kill, script kill, play.

Through this warm and fun party building activity, Kewei Steel Group increased the communication between employees, enhanced the cooperation between teams, and enriched everyone’s spare time.  It shows the vigor and vitality of Kewei people and reflects the company’s sincere care for employees.

 Wish Kewei Steel performance is prosperous, and Kewei people work together to create brilliance


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