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  • PPGI / PREPAINTED GALVANIZED STEEL COILS                                     PPGL / PREPAINTED GALVANLUME STEEL COILSImplementation StandardGBT 12754 /EN 10169/ EN 13523/ASTM A792/ ASTM A653/JIS G3312GradeCGCC/SGCC/SGCH/SGLCC/SGLCH/ TDC51D+Z/TDC51D+AZSurfacePVC FILMColorRALK5 RALK7Width40mm-1650mmThickness0.12mm to 1.6mmZinc coating20g/m2 to 275g/m2 Paint film10um-100umCoil weight3 - 5 tons or as customers’ request
  • GALVANIZED STEEL COILImplementation StandardASTMA653M  JISG3302  GBT2518   EN10147  EN10327 EN10346GradeSGCC/SGCH/DX51D/CQ /CS Type A/Type C/ S220GD/S250GD/S280GD/S320GDWidth40mm to 1500mmThickness0.118mm to 6mmSpangleZero Spangle, Minimized Spangle, Regular/Big SpangleZinc coating30g/m2 to 600g/m2 Coil weight3 - 8 tons or as customers’ request
  • ALUMINIUM-ZINC COATED STEEL SHEET AND COILImplementation StandardEN10327  EN103276  ASTMA792M   JISG3321  ISO9364 GBT14978GradeDX51D+AZ/CS Type B/Type C/SGLCC/SGLCH/O1 SurfaceAFP/ChromatedWidth40mm to 1250mmThickness0.13mm to 2.0mmSpangleMinimized Spangle/Regular SpangleZinc coating30g/m2 to 200g/m2 Coil weight3 - 8 tons or as customers’ request
  • Metal Roof/ Corrugated sheetsSpecificationGalvalume Steel, Galvanized Steel, PPGL, PPGIThickness0.11mm – 0.80mm Width Effective600-1250mmLength Effective770mm-12000mmBenefits & Advantage: Light Weight, Cost Saving, Easy Installation, Quality Materials, Outstanding Durability, Various Styles & Colors, Fire And Spark Resistance, Environmental Friendliness, Weather Extremes Resistance.
  • GALVANIZED STEEL SHEETImplementation StandardASTMA653M  JISG3302  GBT2518   EN10147  EN10327 EN10346GradeSGCC/SGCH/DX51D/CQ /CS Type A/Type C/ S220GD/S250GD/S280GD/S320GDWidth40mm to 1500mmThickness0.118mm to 6mmLengthAs requestSpangleZero Spangle, Minimized Spangle, Regular/Big SpangleZinc coating30g/m2 to 600g/m2
  • Electro Galvanized Sheet/CoilGradeSECC, SECD, SECE, SECC N2, SECCN4,DC01E+Z, DC03E+Z, DC04E+Z, DC06E+ZSurfacePHOSPHATEANTI-FINGER PRINTFBFCZinc CoatingZ20/20-Z50/50SizeThickness: 0.5mm-2.0mmWidth: 900-1800mmLength: as per request
  • Deform BarsGrade:GB HRB400 / HRB500 / JIS SD345 / SD390 / SD400 / SD500 / SD600 / ASTM A706 / ASTMA615 / Grad420 / BSt420S / BS460 / BS4449 500BSize:8.0mm, 10.0 mm, 12.0 mm, 14.0 mm, 16.0 mm, 18.0 mm, 20.0 mm, 22.0 mm, 25.0 mm, 28.0 mm, 32.0 mm, 36.0 mm, 40.0 mm, 50.0 mm
  • Wire RodGrade:Q195/Q235/SAE1006 / 1008 / 1010 / 1020 / 1045Size:5.5mm, 6.5mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 12.0mm, 14.0mm, 16.0mm, 18.0mm,20mm,25mm
  • Black Annealed Wire/ GI WireGradeQ195/Q235Size0.71mm-5.5mm  Wire Gauge SizeBWG(mm)84.1993.76103.40113.05122.77132.41142.11151.83161.65171.47181.25191.07200.89210.813220.711
  • GI Hollow PipeGradeQ195 / Q235 / SS400 / STKR400 / ASTM A500 GR A/B/CSquare Tubes12MM X 12MM~400MM X 400MMRectangle Tubes10MM X 20MM~ 300MM X 500MMRound PipesØ19MM~ Ø325MMThickness0.6MM~14MMZinc Coating30g-600g
  • Black Hollow TubeGradeQ195 / Q235 / SS400 / STKR400 / ASTM A500 GR A/B/CSquare Tubes12MM X 12MM~500MM X 500MMRectangle Tubes10MM X 20MM~ 400MM X 600MMRound Tubes10mm-600mmThickness0.75MM~40MM
  • Seamless PipeGrade: ASTM A53 / A106 / API-5L Grade B/Q195/Q235BSizeSize (mm)Unit Weight(kg/m)1/8” x STD   SCH40              10.3 X 1.730.361/8” x XS    SCH8010.3 X 2.410.461/4” x STD   SCH4013.7 X 2.240.631/4” x XS    SCH8013.7 X 3.020.803/8” x STD   SCH4017.1 X 2.310.853/8” x XS    SCH8017.1 X 3.201.101/2” x STD   SCH4021.3 X 2.771.271/2” x XS    SCH8021.3 X 3.731.621/2” x XXS   21.3 X 7.472.553/4” x STD ...
  • Hot Rolled PlateGradeS235JR, S275JR, S355JR, SS400, SS490, A36, A572, Gr50, Q235, Q345, Q420, NM500, 42CRMO, 40CRSizeThickness: 6-400mm; Width:1500-4500mmLength as required
  • Hot Rolled PlateGradeS235JR, S275JR, S355JR, SS400, SS490, A36, A572, Gr50, Q235, Q345, Q420, NM500, 42CRMO, 40CRSizeThickness: 6-400mm; Width:1500-4500mmLength as required
  • Chequered Plate/CoilGradeQ195 / Q235 / Q275 / Q345 / SPHC / SS400 / SS490 / S235 / S275 / S355 / SPHT1,2,3 / A36 / ASTM A572 GR50 / AH32 / DH32 / EH36 / FH36SizeThickness: 1.2-140mm; Width:600-2000mmLength:   2m,6m,9m,12m,8’ or as per request.
  • Cold Rolled Sheet/CoilGradeSPCC SD, SPCC-1B, SPCD, SAE1006, SAE1008, DC01, SS400SizeThickness: 0.1mm-2.5mmWidth: 600-2000mmLength: as per request
  • Hot Rolled Flat Bar/Slit Flat BarGrade: Q235 / SS400 / S235JR / S275JR / S355JR / A36 / Q345BSize and Unit Weight  W/T34567891011121415161820258//0.310.380.44///////////100.240.310.390.470.550.630.71/////////120.280.380.470.570.660.750.850.941.04///////130.310.410.510.610.710.820.921.021.12///////140.330.440.550.660.770.880.991.101.211.32//////150.350.470.590.710.820.941.
  • Round BarGrade: Q235 / SS400 / S20C / S45C/42CRMO/SAE4140/SCM440Size and Unit WeightdUnit WeightdUnit WeightdUnit Weightmm Kg/mmm Kg/mmm Kg/m100.6175216.67180200120.8885619.3190223141.215820.7200247161.586022.2210272182.006526.0220298202.476828.5230326222.987030.2240355243.557534.7250385264.178039.5260417284.839049.9270449325.5510061.7280483345.9311074.6290518366.3112088.8300555388.90130104310592409.861401214009864210.915013950015414814.21601585015.4170178
  • M.S. Angle BarGrade: Q235/ Q345B / SS400 / S235JR / S275JR / S355JR / A36/ASTM A572 GR50SizeKg/MSizeKg/MSizeKg/M20X20X2MM0.60865X65X6.0MM5.912140X140X14MM29.49020X20X3MM0.88965X65X7.0MM6.84150X150X9MM20.725X25X2.5MM0.96365X65X8.0MM7.72150X150X10MM22.925X25X3.0MM1.12475X75X5.0MM5.82150X150X12MM27.325X25X4.0MM1.45975X75X6.0MM6.91150X150X13MM29.530X30X3.0MM1.3775X75X7.0MM7.976150X150X14MM31.630X30X4.0MM1.7975X75X8.0MM9.030150X150X15MM33.630X30X5.0MM2.2075X75X9.0MM10.085150X150X16MM35.738X38X3.0MM1.76100X100X7.0MM10.83180X180X12MM33.15938X38X4.0MM2.31100X100X8.0MM12.276180X180X13MM33.77138X38X5....
  • M.S. Un-Equal Angle BarGrade: Q235/ Q345B / SS400 / S235JR / S275JR / S355JR / A36/ASTM A572 GR50SizeKg/MSizeKg/MSizeKg/M75X50X5MM4.808125X75X12MM17.8150X100X8MM15.275X50X6MM5.699150X75X7MM12.0150X100X9MM17.175X50X8MM7.431150X75X8MM13.6150X100X10MM19.075X50X10MM9.098150X75X9MM15.4150X100X11MM20.6100X75X7MM9.34150X75X10MM17.0150X100X12MM22.5100X75X8MM10.6150X75X11MM18.6150X100X14MM26.1100X75X9MM11.8150X75X12MM20.2150X100X15MM27.7100X75X10MM13.0150X90X7MM13.0150X100X16MM29.5100X75X11MM14.2150X90X8MM14.7200X100X10MM23.0100X75X12MM15.4150X90X9MM16.5200X100X11MM25.2125X75X7MM10.7150X90X10MM18.220...
  • UPNGrade: Q235 / Q345B / SS400 / S235JR / S275JR / S355JR / A36 / ASTM A572 GR50SizeKg/MSizeKg/MUPN8080X45X6MMX8.0MM8.64UPN160160X65X7.5MMX10.5MM18.8UPN100100X50X6MMX8.5MM10.6UPN180180X70X8.0MMX11.0MM22.0UPN120120X55X7MMX9MM13.4UPN200200X75X8.5MM X11.5MM25.3UPN140140X60X7MMX10MM16.0UPN220220X80X9.0MMX12.5MM29.4UPEGrade: Q235 / Q345B / SS400 / S235JR / S275JR / S355JR / A36 / ASTM A572 GR50SizeKg/MSizeKg/MUPE8080X50X4MMX7.0MM7.90UPE120120X60X5.0MMX8MM12.1UPE100100X55X4.5MMX7.5MM9.82UPE140140X65X5MMX9MM14.5
  • M.S. JIS Channel BarGrade: Q235 / Q345B / SS400 / S235JR / S275JR / S355JR / A36 / ASTM A572 GR50SizeKg/MSizeKg/M50X25X3.8X6MM2.95125X65X5.2X6.8MM11.6650X25X5.0X6MM3.46125X65X6.0X8.0MM13.4075X40X3.8X5.2MM5.30150X75X5.5X7.3MM14.6675X40X4.0X5.2MM5.60150X75X5.5X10.0MM17.9075X40X4.5X5.2MM5.85150X75X6.0X10.0MM18.3075X40X3.8X7.0MM6.92150X75X6.5X10.0MM18.60100X50X3.8X5.8MM7.30150X75X9.0X12.5MM24.00100X50X5.0X7.5MM9.36200X80X7.5X12.0MM24.6100X50X5.0X8.5MM10.20
  • HEA/HEBGrade: Q235 / SS400 / Q345B / S235JR / S275JR / S355JR / A36Quality: EN10025                      Size Tolerance: EN10034    ITEMSIZE(H×B×t1×t2)(mm)UNITWEIGHT(Kg/m)ITEMSIZE(H×B×t1×t2)(mm)UNIT WEIGHT(Kg/m)HEA10096X100X5X816.7HEB100100X100X6X1020.4HE120A114X120X5X819.9HE120B120X120X6.5X1126.7HE140A133X140X5.5X8.524.7HE140B140X140X7X1233.7HE160A152X160X6X1930.4HE160B160X160X8X1342.6HE180A171X180X6.0X9.535.5HE180B180X180X8.5X1451.2HE200A190X...
  • M.S. IPESpecification: Q235 / SS400 / Q345B / S235JR / S275JR / S355JR / A36ITEMSIZE(H×B×t1×t2)(mm)UNITWEIGHT(Kg/m)ITEMSIZE(H×B×t1×t2)(mm)UNIT WEIGHT(Kg/m)IPE8080X46X3.8X5.26IPE450450X190X9.4X14.677.6IPE100100X55X4.1X5.78.1IPE500500X200X10.2X1690.7IPE120120X64X4.4X6.310.4IPEAA8078X46X3.2X4.24.95IPE140140X73X4.7X6.912.9IPEAA100100X55X3.6X4.46.72IPE160160X82X5X7.415.8IPEAA120120X64X3.8X4.88.36IPE180180X91X5.3X818.8IPEAA140140X73X3.8X5.210.05IPE200200X100X5.6X8.522.4IPEAA160160X82X4X5.612.31IPE240240X120X6.2X9.830.7IPEAA180180X91X4.3X814.94IPE270270X135X6.6X10.236....
  • WIDE FLANGE BEAMGrade: A36/ASTM A572 GR50SIZEH(D)B(BF)T(TW)S(TF)U/WEIGHT  KG/M SERIES 1W6 X 8.51481004.34.913W6 x 91501004.35.513.5W6 x 121531025.87.118SERIES 2W6 x 161601026.610.324SERIES 3W6 x 151521525.86.622.5W6 x 201571536.69.329.8W6 x 251621548.111.637.1SERIES 4W6 x 7146.61003.34.210.5W6 x 7.5146.61100.083.564.4511.25SERIES 5W8 X 102001004.35.215SERIES 6W8 X 132031025.86.519.3W8 X 152061026.2822.5SERIES 7W8 X1420313356.421W8 X 182071335.88.426.6W8 X 212101346.410.231.3SERIES 8W8 X 312032037.21146.1W8 X 352062047.912.652W8 X 402102059.114.259.5W8 X 4821620610.217.471W8 X 58222209...
  • UB(Universal Beam)/UC(Universal Columm)Grade: Q235 / SS400 / Q345B / S235JR / S275JR / S355JR / A36Quality:BS4360:1986/1993         Size Tolerance: EN10034(UB/UC)         ASTM A992/A572           Size Tolerance: ASTM A6(W)ITEMSIZE(H×B×t1×t2)(mm)UNITWEIGHT(Kg/m) ITEM SIZE(H×B×t1×t2)(mm)UNIT WEIGHT(Kg/m)UB203X133X25203.2X133.2X5.7X7.825.1UB533X210X82528.3X208.8X9.6X13.282.2UB203X133X30206.8X133.9X6.4X9.630UB533X210X925...
  • M.S. H BeamsGrade: Q235 / SS400 / Q345B / S235JR / S275JR / S355JR / A36 / ASTM A572 GR50SIZE (H×B×t1×t2)(mm)UNIT WEIGHT(Kg/m)SIZE (H×B×t1×t2)(mm)UNIT WEIGHT(Kg/m)SIZE (H×B×t1×t2)(mm)UNIT WEIGHT(Kg/m)100X100X6.0X816.9294X200X8.0X1256.8440X300X11X18124125X125X6.5X923.6294X302X12X1285.0446X199X8.0X1265.1148X100X6.0X920.7298X149X5.5X832.0450X200X9.0X1474.9150X75X5.0X714.0300X150X6.5X936.7482X300X11X15115150X150X7.0X1031.1300X300X10X1594.5488X300X11X18129175X90X5.0X818.2300X305X15X15106496X199X9.0X1477.9175X175X7.5X1140.3340X250X9.0X1478.1...
  • Steel Sheet PileGrade: SYW295 / SYW390 / SY295 / SY390 / SY300 / SY400 / SY300W/SY400WSIZE(W×h×t)(mm)UNITWEIGHT(Kg/m)SIZE(H×B×t1×t2)(mm)UNIT WEIGHT(Kg/m)SIZE(H×B×t1×t2)(mm)UNIT WEIGHT(Kg/m)400X85X835.5500X200X24.3105600X180X13.481.6400X100X10.548500X225X24.3120600X210X18.0106400X125X13.060500X225X27.6120400X170X15.576.1600X130X10.361.8
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  • China's GDP expands 9.8 pct in first three quarters of 2021.(To contact the reporter on this story: or 86-555-2238837 18725550282)
    2021 - 10 - 21
  • China, the world's largest producer of electricity, will form a new central state-owned power equipment group.Four listed state-owned electricity companies announced on Tuesday that they have received approval from the State Council of their consolidation to establish a new power equipment company.According to Caixin, the new company, named China Power Equipment Group, will be registered in Xiong'an, which has been designed to become a smart city in North China's Hebei Province.The integration will not change the four companies' controlling shareholder and actual controller, sa...
    2021 - 10 - 08
  • On September 11, 2021, the purchasing Department of our company organized cycling activities in Yanqi Lake and Mutianyu Great Wall. First of all, we gathered at the company, arrive at Chuangu Resort to form our own cycling team, and set out for Mutianyu Great Wall.In the autumn breeze, enjoy the leisure time at the natural oxygen bar.At noon we enjoyed a luxurious feast of farm food, replenished our energy, and went back to the assembly site to return the vehicles.At the end of the day, we started a super relaxing barbecue and beer party for the dinner.In this activity, we encouraged each othe...
    2021 - 09 - 29
  • China's issuance of special bonds is expected to accelerate in the third quarter, which will shore up the low, single-digit growth of the country's infrastructure fixed-asset investment (FAI) this year, according to a report from Fitch Ratings.China's infrastructure investment rose 7.8 percent year on year in the first half, easing from a 29.7 percent increase in the first quarter due to the impact of a high base since May last year, official data shows.Fitch attributed the modest infrastructure investment in the first six months to the slow allocation of special bond quotas and we...
    2021 - 09 - 24
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday. Here are 10 points from his speech.1. The history of world civilization is one of fighting pandemics. Rising to challenges, humanity has always emerged in triumph and achieved greater development and advancement. The current pandemic may appear overwhelming, but humanity will surely overcome it and prevail.2. Staying committed to development as a priority:“We need to put development high on the global macro policy agenda, strengthen policy coordination among major economies, and ensure policy continuity, consis...
    2021 - 09 - 22
  • China's value-added industrial output, an important economic indicator, went up 15.9 percent year on year in the first half of this year, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed Thursday.The figure puts average H1 growth for the past two years at 7 percent, 0.2 percentage points faster than the two-year average of Q1 growth from the 2019 level, according to the NBS.In the second quarter, industrial output went up 8.9 percent year on year, while in June alone, it rose 8.3 percent year on year, the NBS said.The industrial output is used to measure the activity of designated ...
    2021 - 09 - 14
  • President Xi Jinping Tuesday stressed efforts to promote common prosperity in the pursuit of high-quality development and coordinate work on forestalling major financial risks.Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks at the tenth meeting of the Central Committee for Financial and Economic Affairs. He is also head of the committee.Common prosperity is an essential requirement of socialism and a key feature of Chinese-style modernization, Xi said, calling for adhering to the people-centered deve...
    2021 - 09 - 06
  • China on Thursday confirmed the meeting between Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, saying the two sides will exchange views on bilateral relations.Sherman is on her trip to Asia. She visited Japan on Tuesday, the Republic of Korea on Thursday and will travel to Mongolia before paying a visit to China's Tianjin Municipality from July 25 to 26.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian confirmed the visit, adding that Sherman will meet with Xie Feng, China's vice foreign minister in charge of China-U.S. relations,...
    2021 - 08 - 30
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