KW STEEL 2023 Spring Tour Team Building

—— 2023-04-13 14:22:50

The most beautiful day in the world is the April day. The April with a strong spring atmosphere is the perfect time for spring outings! On April 8th, the company organized employees to participate in outdoor barbecues and spring outings, aiming to release their emotions, release stress, embrace nature, and stimulate enthusiasm for work and life through spring outings.

After an hour and a half of travel, we arrived at our destination. Accompanied by the bright sunshine, we stepped into the activity venue. Apricot blossoms bloomed on the roadside, green grass covered the ground, and a small river flowed. Looking around, the water and grass are lush, surrounded by verdant green, and the flowing water and white clouds complement each other.

Everyone gathered in this natural oxygen bar and played a group building game. After three sets of games, everyone gathered and had a barbecue buffet for lunch. During this time, talented colleagues would sing to cheer up. After dinner, they went to the picking garden to pick strawberries. Everyone picked a box full of red strawberries and embarked on their way home.

The joyful journey of a day has come to an end. Although exhausted, it is also joyful. This spring outing has relaxed everyone’s body and mind, alleviated stress, reflected the youthful vitality of the people of KW STEEL, and also enhanced the relationship between colleagues.

In the spring of hope, we are passionate and moving forward together with the company!