The 2022 Annual Shareholder’s Meeting was successfully held in Datong, Shanxi

—— 2023-03-14 16:55:26

On January 13, 2023, the 2022 annual Shareholder’s meeting of Beijing Kewei Jianye Steel Co., Ltd. was held in the conference hall of Jianguo Hotel in Datong, Shanxi.

Overseas offices participate in the meeting online.

Shareholders elect new directors of the Company.

The general manager Mr Steven Zhu summarizes the work in 2022,Propose company goals for 2023.

The management and employee representatives give Excellent presentations.

The meeting commended and rewarded the company’s outstanding employees, excellent summary and excellent speeches in 2022.

At this annual meeting, KW employees created and performed a variety of cultural and artistic programs, and the exciting lottery activities made the whole party climax.

After the meeting, we visited the Yungang Grottoes, Hanging Temple and other attractions in Datong, Shanxi. Everyone ended the annual tourism meeting with laughter and exhaustion, excitement and gratitude.