KW Steel Team travel to Guangxi

—— 2023-03-14 16:31:07

Fall leaves know autumn, the breeze slowly. In order to enhance the sense of belonging and happiness of all KW Steel employees, enrich their spare time life, but also for everyone in the tense work can fully relax the body and mind, promote the communication between leaders and colleagues, new and old employees and further implement the company’s corporate vision and organizational culture construction. KW Steel employees gathered in Guilin, Guangxi Province, this fall for a week-long team building.

The Team divided into three groups and set off from Beijing Daxing Airport. All along the way, everyone was laughing and talking with high enthusiasm. In the sound of conversation, a “family” atmosphere was gradually formed. This not only enhances the collective identity and corporate culture awareness of employees, but also achieves the corporate goal of caring for employees and making them happy, assured and comfortable.

Under the leadership of the group leader, we visited the Dragon Ridge Terrace, Reed Flute Rock, Elephant Trunk Mountain, the ancient love show, experienced the Yulong River rafting, Ten Li Gallery cycling, and rode the “Star” on the Li River, which greatly enhanced our sense of experience. On the one hand, everyone sighed about the local customs of the ethnic minorities, on the other hand, they cultivated their sentiments, expanded their knowledge and relaxed their body and mind.

In addition, through such a tour group building activity, we can get close to nature, relax our mood and feel the visual enjoyment brought by green mountains and rivers after busy and nervous work, which lays a solid foundation for the cultural construction and sustainable development of the company.